Get gender and type data for any name.
Fast and reliable.

We deliver crowdsourced gender and type data for any name through our RESTful API and our web tools. We use crowdsourced data and artificial intelligence to serve top notch results.

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    "entry0": 0,
    "entry1": 1,
    "entry2": 2,
    "entry3": 3,
    "entry4": 4,
    "entry5": 5,
    "entry6": 6,
    "entry7": 7,
    "entry8": 8,
    "entry9": 9

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How it works

Our data is crowdsourced and crowdcorrected at That way we can offer you a classification engine that is constantly improving and simply superior to others.

The data corrected by the crowd is automatically checked and added to the databases. In case of uncertainties our team approves or rejects changes based on research.

This means that the results you get when using our API or our web tools will improve over time.

We use two methods to determine gender and name types.

  1. First we query our name data in our databases. In order to serve the data lightning-fast, we use lookup tables so that we are not bottlenecked by the speed of our databases.
  2. In the cases we don't find a name, we resort to machine learning. That way we always deliver a satisfying result. Our neural networks learn from our datasets and become better the more data is corrected by the crowd.

About us

We are a team of software engineers and marketing people from Switzerland improving everyday life with software and brainpower.

This is a side project, so please allow a reply time of up to a day.

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